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Membership Information:

Come be a part of something special! Join ZNA Potomac today and get in touch with the other koi keepers in the Washington DC Metro area. With your membership dues you will receive our newsletter that in addition to articles about koi will let you know when our next meeting or other events are going to be. Also included with membership is a section for your pond and koi on our website. See the Photo Album. With your full membership you will subscribed to digital Nichrin Magazine which is filled with colorful articles relating to koi.

Membership Dues:

$40 for Friendship Membership


$140 for Full ZNA Membership which includes digital Nichrin. Please note this membership is currently only available from January to April due to Nichrin's once a year subscription policy.


How to join:

Click here to download the Membership Application and then simply fill it out and send it in with your check.