September 2006 Meeting

This meeting was held on a beautiful September day at the North's house in Manassas VA. Turnout was lower then hoped but all that attended had a great time! The meeting started with Jim North showing everyone his ponds and explaining how the filtration systems on each pond worked. He also discussed the backgrounds of some of his koi. Mike Frady then spoke a little bit about the goals of ZNA Potomac and the direction of the club. Our guest speaker then showed us a wonderful presentation on cold water effects on koi and how to prepare your pond for winter in the mid-atlantic region. There was much discussion on this topic after the presentation was over. As special treat to those attending Richard Carlson then treated one of Jim North's koi by injecting Baytril and treating an ulcer on it's gill plate with a PP paste. (more updates to be added in the next few days)

Discussion on Cold Water and Koi

The Frady's paying close attention.

The goshiki being treated by Richard Carlson while Jim North assists.

Close-up of the treated area.

Some of North's koi.

The North's 5000 gallon pond.

The North's 2000 gallon pond.