The Frady's Pond


Keeping koi since: 1996
Introduction to koi:
Visited Joe and Sherry White in Florida and fell in love with their pond and koi
Favorite Variety:
I like the color mix of the pure white with the black or the pure red or yellow with the black.


Pond Specs

Size:   Pond is 12.5' wide by 23' long by 5' deep                            
Number of koi:
about 35, I lost count
some water lilies for now but they may be moving
Liner: EPDM
Run a dual system by Wm. Lim composed of 2 one-third hp pumps which are fed by 3" bottom drains.  One pump feeds a pressurized bead filter and the other feeds a pressurized settlement tank, bead filter, and a UV light.  Both systems return through directional sidewall jets and the waterfall.  I am installing a second UV light to assist with algae growth.
Future Plans: 
Discussions are underway to create a second pond which will be primarily for water plants and small koi.  This pond will be only two feet in depth and will utilize more natural filtration systems
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