2007 ZNA Potomac Koi Auction


For those of you that missed the auction we all had a really great time! The selection of koi was fantastic this year. In addition to what we brought in from Japan to sell we also had many koi that were donated by several ZNA Potomac members. There were also 3 larger koi brought with 25% of the sale from them going to the club. After all was said and done the club made roughly $1300 in profit. This money will go to good use as it will be spent on the upcoming show in September.
This auction would not have been a success without all the wonderful ZNA Potomac members that came out to volunteer their time for this effort. A big thanks goes out to Mike and Carolyn Frady, Terri Janas, Margie Linn, Tom, Susan and Tammy Mackenzie, Jim and Carolina North, Chuck and Doris Poppe and finally Mike Walker!

We did have some koi leftover after the auction but they have all been sold.