ZNA Club Service Event at U.S. National Arboretum, Washington, D.C.

For ten years, ZNA Potomac has been assisting the staff at the National Arboretum to care for the hundreds of koi that reside year round in the 115,000 gallon water garden at the Administration Building. Club members have provided technical advice and support for water quality management, nutrition and general fish health care. Members also have participated in several critical maintenance activities, loaning equipment and labor to the efforts. In May 2006, club members helped to catch and sort over 865 koi from the water garden. selecting 750 "excess" koi for sale to the public. Although the Arboretum's annual plant sale is a "must" in the Washington area, this was the first time koi had been sold. Koi club members helped with the sale by catching and bagging the fish. Advice on koi care, health issues, "heron protection" and related topics were provided along with koi health care printed information.

As the water is drained from the 115,000 gallon pond, fish catcherslook for any remaining stragglers.
Water levels drop as volunteer look for koi to catch.























Closer look.



Larger fish are transported to holding tanks. A cover is provided to prevent escapees.











Fully drained and cleaned water garden.
More Customers.

Customers hunt for that perfect specimen.













Interesting collection of 10-12 inch fish.

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